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“The structure is art and the construction is sculpture."

~ Seth Anderson

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Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM


Long before Seth Anderson began designing and building houses, as a kid growing up in New Mexico he could be found filling the pages of notebooks with doodles, drawings and even house plans and facades. As a teenager he worked with his artist mother, assisting her with a hand-painted furniture line, which not only sparked his interest but also showed his knack for creative expression.


While attending business school Seth opted for a semester abroad studying at the Glasgow School of Art, which led to designing textiles rugs and table linens before returning home to New Mexico, where he pursued further artistic endeavors, including drawing and painting. He worked as an artist professionally for 15 years, working in drawings, paintings and sculpture using mixed media.


With the creation of Seth Anderson Studio, LLC in 2004, he has synthesized his interests and talents to grow in both in scale and complexity.

Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM
Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM
Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM

OUR WORK spans residential design, construction services, interior design services, landscape design and fine art including paintings, prints and sculpture.

EACH PROJECT is based on the specific and unique conditions present on the land with the integration of a client's aspirations and requirements.

Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM


Good design requires whole vision. Anderson’s interpretation of modernity, his ability to blend interior spaces to the surrounding landscape, and his command of visual space provides a quiet place of calm. A beautiful oasis in a busy and demanding world.


Seth brings his background as a maker, artist and sculptor to the act of building. Taking a project from start to finish gives form to a refined home that is minimalist, as well as warm and harmonious.

Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM
Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM
Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM


Our minimal design approach blends Santa Fe’s rich historic roots with a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. He works closely with clients to ensure the best synthesis of form, function and beauty from the structure to the smallest detail.


We work with shape, color, and texture at the intersection of art and residential design. Each influences the other as he brings an artist’s eye to the blank canvas of the landscape.

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Principal and owner of Seth Anderson Studio, Seth Anderson is a licensed contractor in New Mexico. His passion for design and construction traces back to his childhood days in New Mexico when he would fill notebooks with doodles, drawings, and even house plans. Seth's artistic upbringing and his experience working with his artist mother on a hand-painted furniture line nurtured his creative expression. During a semester abroad at the Glasgow School of Art, he explored textile design before returning to New Mexico to pursue his artistic endeavors. Seth worked as a professional artist for 15 years, honing his skills in drawings, paintings, and mixed media sculptures. In 2004, he established Seth Anderson Studio, LLC, merging his diverse talents and interests to tackle projects of increasing scale and complexity.

Seth Anderson Studio

JAN STOEPPLER - Construction Manager

Jan Stoeppler is a licensed general contractor (GB-98) and real estate broker in New Mexico. Originally from Germany, Jan relocated to Santa Fe in 1986 with his wife and daughter. With a degree in architecture and years of experience in general carpentry and building, Jan brings a comprehensive understanding of buildings and their inner workings to the team. His expertise lies in designing and constructing residential homes and light commercial projects. With over 36 years in the construction trade, Jan's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience make him an invaluable asset to the studio.

Seth Anderson Studio


Wayne Jenski is a licensed architect in New Mexico, bringing a wealth of expertise to Seth Anderson Studio. His credentials include being a registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC) by the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC), making him an expert in exterior materials and tectonics. Wayne has a strong background in designing various types of buildings, including residential, educational (K-12, higher education, vocational), and laboratory facilities. He is an active member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Façade Tectonics Institute (FTI). Wayne's architectural prowess and his focus on exterior building systems contribute to the studio's commitment to delivering exceptional projects.

Seth Anderson Studio

BERKELY T. MERCHANT - Office Manager

Mr. Merchant is a semi-retired senior executive with a passion for creating clean, beautiful items of usefulness, especially buildings. Over his 40 years he has been responsible for the design and construction of commercial and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Asia, and Europe. At Seth Anderson Studios he continues to bring his passion, business, and technical experiences to bear on the design and build of elegant homes as a contributor to an elite team. A graduate of Bowdoin College (BA in Chemistry) and Boston University (MBA, Suma Cum Laude, with a double major in accounting-finance and manufacturing operations.) Mr. Merchant served 5 years as a field artillery officer in the US Army with postings in the US, Asia, and Europe. After military service and MBA degree he worked for Deloitte in their consulting division with assignments in the US, Europe, and New Zealand. For 28 years he specialized in several high technology startup companies primarily in manufacturing and customer operations as a senior vice president including two companies who completed highly successful Initial Public Offerings.

Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM

“Rarely in life do we meet someone who shares our same concept of innovation and design. Seth carefully absorbs every detail of what one needs, desires, and hopes to achieve in the project, then executes that vision magnificently.


Seth is a man of integrity. He is open, receptive, innovative, and an extremely good listener. Working with Seth was an honor and a privilege, and truly a joy from start to finish.”

~ B. Cooper, CLIENT

Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM


Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM

Seth Anderson's work has been recognized and written up in many periodicals, including Trend Magazine and Architectural Digest. Click below to discover more.

Seth Anderson Studio, contemporary architecture, Santa Fe, NM
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